About us

Dear Client

We introduce ourselves as builder having long experience, qualification and fully professional people. We are entering into the construction of individual houses of our clients who have their own plots and approved maps.


To give hassle free service to the people who want to build their dream homes at very-very economical rates.

Why this Aim

From our experience we Know that the people who want to build their dream house are afraid of two things

(a) A big hassle work to organize labour

(b) Big estimates of cost of construction.

Normally when a person is going to build his house he often asks friends and relatives who had already
built their houses. Normally they tell big stories of great problems created by labours / contractors and
they boast of big expenses incurred on building their houses. Such person when listens to these
stories/experiences of his friends and relatives he keeps on discussing over and again in his family and
keeps on afrading to start building his house.

This is where we enter to tell such customers that they shed off their fears about above matters.

They will only have to do one thing i.e. to come to our office with approved map. After this it is our
responsibility to build his dream house and he can sit at rest at his home. All our customer will have to
do is come to his site at his own will or whenever we call him and see the completed stages of his house
and to pay the next installment as to be agreed between him/her and our company.

You sit at home and we build your kothi your problem of labour and big estimates are our challenges

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